Write to carlossg [at] esm [dot] rochester [dot] edu to purchase any of these recordings directly from the composer.


Eastman BroadBand Ensemble

Includes: ...Ex Machina, Diaries, Five Memos, Son del Corazón

Urtext Recordings

Buy it at Amazon

Obras para ensambles de cámara

Performances by: Eighth Blackbird, Nieuw Ensemble, Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, The Left Coast Ensemble, Continuum, and Princeton Composers Ensemble

Includes: Luciérnagas, A tutiplén, "Voici le bateau pour les Calanques", Calacas y Palomas, Son del Corazón, M.E. in Memoriam

Buy it at CD Baby or Amazon

Music of Wood and Forest

Makoto Nakura, marimba

American Modern Recordings

Includes: Winik/Té

Buy it at Amazon

Makoto Nakura: Triple Jump, 6 Original Pieces for Marimba

Makoto Nakura, marimba; Todd Palmer, clarinet

Includes: De Kooning Movements

Kleos Classics [KL5133]

Buy it at Amazon


Society for New Music Ensemble

Includes "...[and of course Henry the Horse] dances the..."

Buy it at Innova Records 719

Buy it at Amazon

Without Borders

Asako Arai, flute; Cristina Valdes, piano

Includes Twittering Machines

Buy it at Albany Records TROY 1101

Buy it at Amazon

Flute Music of The Americas, V. II

Merrie Siegel, flute

Beauport Classical

Includes: Cinco, Cinco and Seis

Buy it at CD Baby


Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Includes Cinco para Quatro


Buy it at Amazon


Split Second Piano Ensemble

Includes: Calacas y Palomas

Urtext Records [JBCC 146]

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eXchange: Latin America


Includes: Calacas y Palomas

CRI Records [CD-848]

Buy it at Amazon

Wondrous Love: A World Folk Song Collection


Includes: La Petenera

Buy it at Amazon


Princeton Composers Ensemble

Includes: M.E. in Memoriam

CapstoneRecords [CPS-8656]

Buy it at Amazon

Trio Variations

Ensamble 3

Includes: Trio Variations

Quindecim Recordings [QP153]

Forum 93

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne

Includes: Son del Corazón

Tambuco: World Premiere Recordings

Includes: Danza/Contradanza II

Quindecim Recordings [QPO1081]

Lovelyville: Music from Princeton

Princeton Composers Ensemble

Includes: M.E. in Memoriam

Princeton Records [PR003]

Espejo, Mirror Mex / USA

Signos Ensamble

Includes: DKIII

Quindecim Recordings [QP097]

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